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What Others Say About Tartaglia

Here is what some of those who’ve worked with Dennis Tartaglia have to say…

“Tartaglia Communications delivered the product we wanted: a comprehensive media communications plan, successfully executed, and in a cost-efficient manner. Dennis Tartaglia readily grasped what we wanted to achieve, and was proactive in presenting options. Our goals became his goals and he fully committed himself to helping us achieve them. And, thanks to the excellence of his work, we did achieve them.”

James F. Callahan, DPA
Executive Vice President
The American Board of Addiction Medicine, and
The ABAM Foundation
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"A professional who knows his stuff and always delivers what he promises, I'm always interested to hear what Dennis finds interesting or newsworthy."

Dan Vergano
Science Reporter
USA Today

“Out-of-the-box strategic thinking and roll-up-the-sleeves hard work. When a consultant does both, you know you have the right partner. That’s why we worked with Dennis Tartaglia for eight years.”

Marge Lynch
Assistant Laboratory Director for Community,
Education, Government & Public Affairs

Mona S. Rowe
Manager, Media, Communications & Production Services
Brookhaven National Laboratory
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"While representing Brookhaven National Laboratory, Dennis proved himself to be a competent and reliable source of information and contacts. The relationship he established with us continues, and we rely on his professionalism."

Daniel DeNoon
Senior Medical Writer

"Dennis is one of those rare public relations executives who journalists actually enjoy hearing from! He knows your beat, he knows what works for your publication and he does everything possible to make your job easier and even more rewarding. I worked with Dennis for many years through many of his job locations and I have never failed to be impressed by his knowledge of medicine and by his ability to know exactly how to make a story fly. And... he's a nice person to boot!"

Colette Bouchez
Executive Editor, RedDressDiary.com
Founding Member, HealthDay News Service
Former Medical Writer/Editor, NY Daily News

“Dennis Tartaglia demonstrates a keen awareness of our strategic goals and what we're attempting to accomplish. He consistently comes up with innovative ways to extend our communications reach. He operates in a very strategic and straightforward manner; he is flexible and willingly adjusts to unforeseen challenges. I hold his work in high regard.”

Dwayne C. Proctor, PhD
Team Director and Senior Program Officer, Childhood Obesity
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
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“For six years, Dennis Tartaglia brought with his experience a systematic effort to immerse himself in what we do, our philosophy and our short and long term goals to understand how best to help us. He has been instrumental in helping us achieve our mission. The synergy of the Innovators’ partnership with Dennis Tartaglia has resulted in a strong positive impact on improving public health.”

Jack E. Henningfield, PhD
Director, Innovators Combating Substance Abuse Program
Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Patricia B. Santora, PhD
Deputy Director, Innovators Combating Substance Abuse Program
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“Dennis Tartaglia's astute crafting of a press release and his excellent connections with the working press culminated in major international publicity, yielding a combined 600+ million media impressions for my two papers on the major reductions in indoor air pollution resulting from state-wide smoking bans and the inability of even high tech ventilation systems to control secondhand smoke. This publicity stimulated imitative research around the world, and helped promote a tidal wave of smoke-free workplace legislation.”

James Repace, MSc, Biophysicist
Visiting Asst. Professor
Tufts University School of Medicine
Repace Associates, Inc. Secondhand Smoke Consultants

“Most important medical research is hidden away in medical journals. In my case, Mr. Tartaglia designed media strategies that brought my research about alcohol intervention programs in trauma centers to the attention of audiences nationwide. He obtained extensive television, radio, newspaper, and medical bulletin coverage that was instrumental in moving my research forward into routine clinical practice. His highly effective dissemination strategy also gained the support of multiple individuals and organizations that played a critical role in removing insurance barriers to screening and intervention programs in trauma and emergency care.”

Larry Gentilello, MD, FACS
Professor of Surgery
UT Southwestern Medical Center

“Dennis Tartaglia did a wonderful job designing and implementing the publicity campaign for a paper I released this year. Despite some real challenges in the paper (data from 10 years ago and potential hostile media reception), Dennis managed to get amazing exposure for this piece. The paper was picked up by the top news services, domestically and internationally. In the world of social science research these are phenomenal results. In addition, Dennis and his team helped prepare me every step of the way for the numerous radio and television interviews that the publicity generated. I felt far more confident and effective in getting across the main messages I hoped to convey.”

Denise Herd, PhD
Associate Dean, School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley

"As IPRO’s senior public relations counselor for 10 years, Dennis demonstrated rare skill in making complicated health care and medical issues accessible to lay audiences. He also provided critical strategic guidance of great import to our organization in achieving its business objectives and navigating a complicated funding and policy landscape.”

Spencer Vibbert
Vice President, Communications & Corporate Development
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“Peptor was unknown to the media, as was DiaPep277, the company’s most promising product. Dennis Tartaglia developed strategies that got the company and the drug international media attention, and pushed Peptor’s first partnership with a global pharmaceutical company. His efforts also brought DiaPep277 to the attention of hundreds of U.S. doctors and patients. In addition, he arranged important media meetings and helped us to properly tell the story of our drug and our company.”

Joachim Bender, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
NanoDel Technologies GmbH
Former CEO, Peptor GmbH
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"Dennis helped us promote a medical education program in the media for several years. He's a smart, creative PR counselor who suggested some new ways to reach out, and significantly improved coverage for the company. He's also a nice guy who cares about the work he does."

Sylvia Sharockman
Director, Corporate Communications
BJC Healthcare
Former Manager, Public Affairs
Bristol-Myers Squibb
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"Dennis Tartaglia provides insightful media relations expertise and crisis communication skills that over the years I have found very useful. Dennis has an easy-going, thoughtful style and presents a conscientious work ethic. His many accomplishments are a testament to his proficiency as a communicator. I would not hesitate to recommend Dennis' work."

Victoria Allen
Vice President, Marketing/Public Relations & Community Services
Somerset Medical Center
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“Dennis Tartaglia led efforts to get New York Hospital Queens in front of major media and help us compete with academic medical centers right across the river, as well as with other hospitals in our borough. He came up with a number of innovative strategies that provided ongoing visibility for our clinicians and publicized important institutional initiatives. He was able to both conceptualize these strategies and deliver on them, with strong results in broadcast and print media due to his contacts, focus and hard work.”

Paul Pickard
Senior Director, Major Modernization Project
New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens
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